Our Services

Investment Services1

We recognize the commitment and responsibility we undertake when we provide investment advice. That is why we listen closely to your needs and concerns, and deliver high quality investment services that correspond to your unique objectives. We encourage each one of our clients to go through both a risk analysis and an asset allocation survey  to ensure that any strategic investment planning we do truly reflects their financial goals. 

Financial Planning1

Using a step-by-step process, our experienced team of professionals will provide a comprehensive financial plan. This plan will help you identify your goals and objectives, provide current and projected summaries and a detailed examination of such things as your net worth, income & cash flow, asset allocation, college funding, insurance and estate plan. It will demonstrate a year-by-year progress toward retirement or other goals. This plan may help you simplify your life and gain control of your financial future.  

Insurance Services

Life, disability and long term care insurance are about risk. Risk is the exposure to the possibility of loss. Risk can be assumed, ignored or transferred to a risk bearer. By asking questions and listening to you, we provide the solution to your needs. Whether for personal or business situations, we will help you to determine the appropriate type and amount of insurance. We also provide you with the full array of health insurance options.

 1Securities and investment advisory services offered solely by Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor.  

Corporate Benefits Programs

If you’re a business owner, you know the importance of attracting loyal, hard-working employees. But once you’ve attracted them, what are you doing to motivate, reward, and retain them?

Perhaps equally as important, what are you doing to reward yourself?

By helping you understand - and implement - qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, we can help you set extra – even substantial - money aside for yourself and selected key associates; we can help your employees prepare for their own retirement; and we can show you ways to motivate, reward, and retain loyal, hard-working employees.

We offer products, services and strategies for the following business planning needs2:

  • Deferred Compensation and bonus plans
  • Stock redemption and cross-purchase plans
  • Key-man and buy/sell insurance
  • Split dollar techniques
  • Group life, health and disability plans
  • Section 79 plans
  • Captive Insurance3
2 Legal and tax advice are not offered.  Please consult with your legal and tax advisors prior to implementing any strategy. 
3Creation of the Captive Insurance Company subsidiary is arranged by an independent third party specialist.

Estate Planning Strategies

You’ve worked hard over the years and you’ve accumulated some assets. But if you’re like many people, you probably haven’t taken the time to develop a plan for preserving those assets. Unfortunately, estate taxes could consume a sizeable portion of everything you’ve worked hard to accumulate over the years.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Let us show you how to reduce the amount of taxes your estate will owe, as well as how to plan for the eventual distribution of your assets to your heirs. Through the use of wills, trusts, charitable gifting programs, and life insurance, we can help you find solutions to address:

  • Wealth preservation
  • Wealth transfer
  • Protecting your business interests

Retirement Plan Services

We can show you how you may be able to increase your client's tax-deductible contributions to qualified plans and even make existing plans more tax-efficient.

For retirees or those about to retire, we can help you determine how to best receive your retirement benefits. Our team of tax attorneys and advisors have developed the planning tools to help preserve and "stretch" these benefits to your loved ones.